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The sweet orange (Citrus Sinensis Osbeck) is one of the most popular and healthy fruits in the world. It has a high content of vitamin C. Its taste, especially of some varieties is really superb for its acidity and sweetness.

From late autumn to late spring, we can enjoy them directly from the tree, and its ideal season of ripening extends from October to May. Thanks to its different varieties and ripening times, it is one of the fruits of the most extensive consumption period without the need for conservation aids, so they are reliable as a natural fruit.

Since ancient times the Arabs implanted the orange in Spain in the tenth century, the birth of the orange in Spain was in the Ribera del Xúquer (Valencia) and since then nowhere is produced with so much flavor, juice, color and shape, recognized by generations of customers in Europe, for more than 100 years. They are from the Ribera del Xúquer from where our different oranges come in their different varieties.


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