naranja dibujada

Welcome to Barber Caballero

The best for every moment

After more than 30 years of experience we can safely say that the search for excellence among the different varieties of mandarin, orange and melon is the most common in our daily vocation. We pursue and achieve that our products are collated in conditions of ripening maximum to be able to guarantee the best flavor as our ultimate goal to our clients.

Maintaining the regularity of our fruits from the beginning of each variety until its conclusion is a must, avoiding those due to inclement weather affect its taste and presence properties.

Clients are to Barber Caballero the light that guides our commercial road. We are always on guard for their needs, ready to evolve, with them, our daily work.

Our staff is continuously taught by the Management in the values and respect for our products, avoiding any malpractice in the journey that the product makes from its collection until the delivery to the customer.

The Suppliers, in whom we trust for their professionalism, are in continuous contact with us to coordinate any new need and to maintain those needs in the levels of exigency that we believe are indispensable tools.



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